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The Beatitudes sample


Bible scripture taken from the NIV, composed into song and sung verse by verse, chapter by chapter, with full instrumentation, played in cinematic style, is now available for you to listen to as well as download for free. These 'Bible songs' are complete and not mere samples. They are taken directly from our two CD's The Nativity and Bible Songs. Christian recording artists Tim Harris and Ted Warren are offering their works for free via a simple Flash player (mp3s available as well)! Large Bible passages such as Matt 1:1 - Matt 2:23 sung to full cinematic instrumentation will help you memorize Holy Scripture more quickly than "audio books" (i.e. narration). This is what makes WordSong's music so unique - all of the "lyrics" come directly from the Word of God!  We have other songs written using our own lyrics that will enlighten as well.

Thanks for dropping by! We enjoyed recording the songs and we hope you are blessed when you hear them.

Bible songs CD

Bible Songs CD


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John The Baptist
Matt 3:1-10   ------------------------
(2.5 mb)
The Ten Commandments
Ex 20:2-20   -------------------------
(19.8 mb)
The Love Chapter
1 Cor 13:1-13   ----------------------
(12.0 mb)
The Beatitudes
Matt 5:1-12   ------------------------
(8.6 mb)

nativity story cd

The Nativity

Matthew 1:1 - 2:23

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Matt 1:1-16  -------------------------   (2.5 mb)
Matt 1:17 ----------------------------   (1.0 mb)
Matt 1:18-25 ------------------------   (3.7 mb)
Matt 2:1-8 ---------------------------   (1.5 mb)
Matt 2:9-12 --------------------------   (1.9 mb)
Matt 2:13-15 ------------------------   (1.3 mb)
Matt 2:16-18 ------------------------   (1.8 mb)
Matt 2:19-23 ------------------------   (3.1 mb)

The Crucifixion And The Resurrection

Mark 15:16 - 16:20

crown of thorns

arrow      BIBLE VERSES          |         AUDIO PLAYER     arrow STREAM SIZE
Mk 15:16-32   --------------------   (8.6 mb)
Mk 15:42-47   --------------------   ON HOLD (xx mb)
Mk 16:1-20     --------------------   ON HOLD (xx mb)

Ten Commandments Music Video

(NOTE: If you have any downloading or player difficulties, feel free to email us).

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