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bible vs church

The #1 Deception In Christendom Today:

"The Church is where you go to learn about the Bible and
since I go to Church I have a good handle on the Truth."



Like most of satan's lies, the above statement is both true and false. Satan seldom presents a blatant lie to his victims as he knows he won't get as many bites, so he subtly adds in some leaven to the overall message hoping the majority will take the bait. Many are aware of this, which satan also knows and is why he takes it a step further, like a crafty old fisherman who's mastered his trade in order to reel in the smarter ones. You see, much of what the masses hear in the public church is true, it's just not truth taught in it's entirety. In other words, much of what's dished out may be 'totally true', but 'the total truth' is rarely dished out. Yet most don't get it, not because they aren't able, but because of the way the system is set up; the way we've been reared regarding churches in general and how they're so socially and culturally accepted as 'a given'. Religious 'labels' have been programming and controlling men theologically since the beginning of the 3rd century making nothing but clones out of men who have acquiesced to them without giving it a second thought. From the time of the 1st apostolic Church which operated as a single organism, unbroken in it's doctrinal beliefs and unity, until the day segregated labels arose to divide her up, the focus originally centered on love, truth, and 'fruit' produced in 'keeping with repentance' (Mat 3:8), but just as Paul said in Acts 21:27-31, 'carnal christians' and greedy imposters arose to change that focus to heady 'theological discussions' played out in accordance with newfound doctrinal 'schools of thought'. A holy lifestyle walked out in the fear of, as well as love for, God was no longer what deemed a man worthy of the gospel and of eternal life. A new 'church era' was dawning and even the government took notice. Another reason for our swallowing the bait of 'organized religion' is naivity. Naivety's the reason for Mat 16:4-11 and Luk 13:23-30 and why Paul penned Acts 20:27:31 in relation to 1Cor 1:10-12 & 3:1-4, and it's why i use the phrase 'pedagogic peer pressure' in order to unmask the unnoticed veil (ie. satan's 'principalities and powers in high [hierarchical] places', Eph 6:12 cf w/ 1Ti 4:1) which covers the eyes of those 'doctrinally controlled' believers who walk according to what they've been taught instead of what they should have sought. But the number one reason?: Most people are lazy when it comes to prolonged studies of God's word, practiced outside and apart from the controlling influences of the many man made church affiliations we've become so infatuated with throughout the centuries. I mean, after all, what do you think the Pastor and Sunday school teacher are there for? To teach you the truth.....or their truth? Well, the one true 'Church' remnant, belonging to Jesus (Mat 16:18), has always existed, albeit as outcasts many times who met in homes, living holy lives as true 'doers of the Word' (Ja 1:21-22), who studied in their homes, following it unswirvingly to the proverbial 'T' by the 'anointing within' (1jn 2:27), who spoke in tongues, exercised healing, and practiced all of the gifts God gave to the Body of Christ, not to be taken back or 'explained away', but for the purpose of building the Body up as one into the head, Christ (Eph 4:11-15). Yet due to this many were tortured and martyred as fanatical heretics all in the name of Catholicism and Calvinism (which are well documented recorded facts of history - something else they never 'teach' you), but we all know the majority of preachers study and prepare their messages according to the 'ecclesiastical guidelines' of the label and training they've invested much time and money into, personal aquintances and prestige notwithstanding (ie. religious 'degrees', ordination papers, etc). Yes, they study alright, and many mean well, but they study through the sieve of their (preconceived) label-wrought ideologies (what they've been 'reared under') and/or through personal opinion instead of by first wiping their theological slate clean of all 'label wrought schools of thought', according to 1Jn 2:27 practiced in tandem with 2Tim 2:15. When our soul is on the line, crucial concepts must be 'divided' accurately and understood by the Spirit, yet everyone and their (label-bound) brother claims they've done that. And that's why it's more important to hear the 'still small voice' within than the big busy rhetoric of the pulpit without. When inquiring minds want to know what the Bible has to say about doctrinal matters, most usually set out to 'choose' between one 'school of thought' vs another, and it's usually those which they've already heard about on the theological grapevine. So after a few epiphanial 'ah ha' moments kick in, along with a few cups of cappuccino, most are quick to shut the Book and set the matter to rest. Apart from it taking some of the brightest minds decades of research in order to solve the theological Rubics Cube of religion, the problem is that most fail to connect 1Jn 2:27 with 2Tim 2:15 in lieu of trusting their church, preacher, or favorite author to enlighten them with what's true or not. We (naturally) assume they're the 'experts', they're the ones me and my family have trusted for generations, they're they ones i give my money and ear to each week, they're the one's who have been 'trained' and ordained, who's theology seems to make the most sense to me, etc, etc. Most people i come across, when they hear me say 'satan's foremost deception is that he leads people to assume the church is in sync with the Bible', they assume i mean that each 'denomination' believes differently than the other and is therefore biased, but that most all of them 'on average' believe pretty much the same thing regarding salvation - you know, the main 'orthodoxical statements of faith', but that's only a fraction of it. If it's like anything else out there we gullibly accept, such as our food for example, full of fat, fillers, pesticides and poisons, we're fine with it, but when it comes to religion, now that's a horse of a different color. Yes, but this horse has trojens in it which most never see, regardless of the church 'label'. Why? Because they don't practice 2Tim 2:15 outside the perimeters of their label wrought indoctrinations. Over the years time has conditioned us to accept these religious establishments so prevalient and part of our society today, thereby cementing their ideals into our human psyche. Yet it's all about what you dot connect folks in accordance to 1Jn 2:27 - something very few churches do today, if any. Anyone can study and say "These set doctrines and what my church teaches is correct because i've studied long and hard to verify them as so", yet this reasoning/excuse falls apart once you weld 1Jn 2:27 onto 2Tim 2:15. Anyone can claim to have the truth, but few can claim they have it because they first wiped their theological slate clean of all pre-concieved church pedagogy, then researched it for themselves in much prayer with the Spirit as their tour guide, instead of merely 'adopting' someone else's pulpit parroted pablum. Sure, those who hold to the doctrines of their church study the Bible, but since they already 'see' they will not only be hindered in their interpretational skills, but what they've heard for so long, thereby giving credience to (i.e faith) sermon after sermon, only serves to 'compeat' with the still small voice within them - an anointed voice which is already hard to hear to begin with! No wonder there's a thousand and one doctrines spewing from a thousand and one church labels. As i said in my book The Labels That Blind Us, "the gold you discover on your own is often times more exciting and rewarding than that given to you from somebody else’s mountain. Who knows, theirs could very well be fools gold" (Ps 119:99, 100, 102b, 104). And after years of studying and praying over the labels issue; how culturally accepted they have become throughout each generation, what i've encountered more than anything else is disbelief and denial, because people hold to what they become accustomed to and in their mind are assured of, whether it's right, wrong, or a mixture. It's the same today. Just as the 1st century 'law centric' society, which over the centuries had grown so accustomed to what they thought was the truth, due to it having become the accepted 'social norm', we too follow the theological dictates of the 'pew friendly' public church, strengthened by half-truths of the Institutionalized label controlled pulpit working in tandom with the pressure of our peers, friends, family, business associates (which plays a larger roll than you may think), and the overall 'the crowd' within christendom; even the secular, not necessarily 'bad', crowd to some degree. It's extremely hard to undo and let go of things which have grown deep roots within our psych our entire lives. Truth is drowning in the (skim) milky half-truths of 'churchanity' to such a degree that it's become very hard to discern between the good and the bad (Heb 5:13-14) unless do much study and research - in much prayer, and upon a clean doctrinal slate. 21st century 'pablum pushers' are masters at chaining together certain scriptures, just the right phrases and catchwords, smoothly blended together by their indoctrination chiefs, to fool you into thinking they understand the truth. Don't let 'em fool you beloved when they say "Oh you're making too much of it, all that matters is that we all hold to the same basic 'orthodoxal' truths about Jesus, hug one other, and sing kum-by-ya by the campfire". Well, as i said above, since leaven lurks in most of the doctrinal roses of which labels have planted within us all, the answer is not to 'reform' them by exposing the thorns, but to uproot them trusting God to give you some new plants with fruit birthed by 'the anointing within'. Once you've wiped your theological slate clean spending several thousand hours of indepth research in God's word, you'll begin to see why the 'simplistic' way of thinking is going to be everyone's undoing near the end when the Husbanman begins seperating the foolish from the wise with His sword of justice (Mat 10:34, Rev 2:16). Just the other day i heard a sermon entitled "The Church Is Not A Building". The first thing that popped into my mind was a big resounding.......DUHHH!!! I mean, the guy used up the one (weekly) hour he had to make an impression on the lost giving him knee and ear, and instead of teaching them something useful, something different and 'untypical', something full of 'unpopular' verses (you know, the scarier ones most pastors dodge so as to not rock the boat, thereby keeping the pews full and his and/or the church reputation high) which puts the fear of God in a man's boots instead of only the love of God, to keep them on the straight and narrow. But instead they get 3 jokes, a personal story, and a bevy of facts based on commonsensical principles most already 'get' anyway. He gives a boring time burner on how a group of congregating christians aren't a brick and morter 'church' building. Little did he know common sense teaches THAT message to us all day long. I'm not saying new converts don't need milk before meat, i'm saying milk is all we're ever fed, minus the meat, especially today in our culture bound 'feel good' generation. This holds true for both the main service and Sunday school as well. The reason is because most become 'indoctrunated' BEFORE they have a chance to really hit the books hard and find out for themselves just what the truth is. Even when they DO study, they do so until they have a few 'ah ha' moments, think they 'get it', then run off to start some 'street corner church' somewhere, as if America doesn't have enough already. But it's only until you link 2Tim 2:15 together with 1Jn 2:27 that you're able to 'abide in Christ' because you see and know for yourself just as the Word has taught and proven to you by the Spirit, not (label bound) man. Just like the cross and the resurrection, judgement and grace, faith and works, most gaze at either one side of the coin or the other. Satan reasons, "running them off the road won't do the trick becaue they'll just get back on, but if i tweak their wheel alignment a little, getting them off balance, human nature will take care of the rest. You see, most reason that since they go to a 'bible believing' church (one they've been 'reared in' and/or have grown to love, trust, and support) that what comes from 'their' pulpit is at least as trustworthy as the guys down the road - you know, those poor (deceived) souls who believe in fill in the blank. People uncognatively feel safer siding with 'their own kind', the theological 'Jones' as it were. And holding to one's own opinions and ideals over against someone else's, especially when it comes to something as 'touchy' as religion, is usually the sanest route, so we think. That's because religion is an eternal matter, one we don't cognatively recognize on the surface as being 'a matter of life or death'. Therefore fear can typically be the result (or faith, depending on which person actually possesses the truth). I'm referring to salvinic truth as well as truth in general. It's much easier/safer to take the familar route, the route which has been tested, tried, and 'proven'. The only problem is 'the other guy down the road' feels the same way, having had things 'proven' to him too. And when it comes to matters of eternity he'll side with his 'church wrought schools of thought' every time before he will with yours, regardless of whether you 'know the Word' or not, for all claim to know that. Yet, most sheeple think their church leaders are more knowlegable about the bible than they, more 'spiritual' or holier. I mean after all they've been 'schooled', trained and ordained, whereas the 'regular' christians are usually left to believe that their church has all it's doctrinal ducks lined up neatly in a row whereas the other guys down the road....well....they need a little straightening. Now apart from the fact that most church labels do house a small remnant of heaven bound believers within their walls, and that none of them are 'perfect' doctrinally (though the leadership may disagree), there's still a potent deception that has slipped in the back door unnoticed and one which is long overdue for extraction. You see, the masses have been conditioned to believe that everything which can be extrapolated from the Bible has already been extrapolated. That all the info, doctrines, and truths have already been figured out, dot connected, and made ready for public consumption so that all we have to do is choose the church label which best 'fits' us. Now, here's the tricky part. What satan does is he either piggybacks error on top the trojen horse of truth so that the masses will accept it as something normal, natural, and 'culturally acceptable' in society - the 'label-friendly' public church we now see on nearly every street corner or he has men/organizations to preach truth alright, but preach it minus the crucialy important 'cousin' verses, which only together help balance out the doctrine at hand as a whole. The only Church Jesus spoke of in Mat 16:18 was the one He never meant for 'carnal babes' to dissect and split apart (1Cor 3:1-4), whereby everybody and their brother chooses what they think best, as if choosing from a smorgasborg of doctrinal opinions. This is something the Apostle Paul knew would eventually happen and even wept over it (Act 20:27-31). Over and over again we read in scripture that we're to be of one mind and man, all thinking the same things, all walking the same way, all unified as one body, with Christ being the head, not hundreds of bodies under one head (which is a form of spiritual adulery/idolatry). This is the main reason the Body of Christ, as a whole, is so spiritually anemic, dissapated, lukewarm, and immature. We need more than sweets, kool aid, and coffee to grow, yet we're so 'used to' this diet that we blindly, gullibly, accept it as something normal and right, while the church heirachial 'powers that be' use these 'excuses' in order to keep the pews full and thier budgets clean. Sure, they 'think they are 'also' here to 'save souls', but to save their budgets. We need a daily diet of carefully prepared meat and veggies. The church has been sucking on theological bosom far too long and it's high time we recognize the 'half-truths' their shoving down our throats. The pure 'uncut' gospel hasn't been seen in most churches since the 1st and 2nd century. What's been dished out to the public for the past 1,500 years is nothing more than wonder bread with leaven worked into the dough of truth, which makes people wonder why certain colorful doctrines don't 'fit' together on all 4 sides of the Rubics cube. So, apart from stamping our foreheads with a label we've been reared under as a child, we choose the one we think lines up best with 'our' opinion and think all is well. We think to ourselves that "the Bible's already been researched and laid out for me by the 'experts'", never once considering 1Jn 2:27 and 2Tim 2:15. After awhile we feel safe amongst our own kind, unconsciously assuming "there’s safety in numbers, right?" Yeah sure, if you want to play it safe all your life building up walls within the Body of Christ instead of around her. And just like a campfire that has been kicked by an enemy, the once red hot coals begin to cool off since they no longer have the warmth of the other coals surrounding them. This writ is an attempt to group those coals back together again whereby it's one fire, one flame, one mind, one faith, and one Lord, so that we all grow up into the head as one body (Eph 4:3-16), exercising the powerful gifts God gave us, and thereby hasten Christ's coming (2Pe 3:12).

Look folks, it's not that churches are just busting at the seams with error and falsehood (though some are), it's more of what they DON'T tell you than what they do that does the greatest harm. For example, if i teach from Romans on salvation, telling you, a 21st century believer, that salvation only comes by 'faith alone through grace alone' without explaining the culture of the 1st century and how 'law centric' the people of that era were, inundated with law and the works thereof for so many years, that much 'harping' on faith and grace was so desperately needed?! If so, then i would do you and myself a 'grave' disservice. The law which forbits flesh from disobeying God's ordinances and presepts, thereby actually exciting and giving sin an oppertunity to greatly express itself is discussed below (another 'half-truth' doctrine which has through time been 'label approaved' as truth). After a 400 year lull of time when zero prophecy's were being uttered, during a time when a (spiritually) dry landscape was the result of over two centuries of Pharisaical law, traditional, and hypocritical practices, saturating society with nothing but 'law centric' ideals and thought patterns, then again, i would do you and myself a 'grave' disservice. The Jews and proseletytes of that era had a hard time accepting this 'new and novel religion' called 'the way'; that some guy dying on a common criminals cross was GOD and the teaching the prestigous Israeli nation should give credience to. That Christ's Spirit is the only thing that produces 'works' worthy of God's acceptance is a Spirit they didn't get comes only after accepting the 'imposter' they had just crucified. The Spirit Paul was referring to was one Rom 8:13 mentions - that which 'remains' or 'dwells' in a man, not merely comes upon 'temporarily' as it did in the OT. The NC is a perminant covenant, not a temporary one as the old one was. Paul wasn't saying the law is something we shouldn't meditate on and 'do', he was saying the law is something we shouldn't meditate on and 'do' APART FROM THE SPIRIT of God doing it through us. The Spirit is the 'sap' which produces the fruit, not the flesh. They had a hard time 'getting' this because they had a hard time accepting 'the criminal on the cross'. Get it? They, and the society they had infected, were so focused on the law that Paul had to constantly drill it into their brain that FAITH in this 'new' covenant which God has established in His Christ (the imposter criminal you just killed) is the only way you're going to reap righteous....HIS. This calls for much humility, which is the only thing that fosters the GRACE of God (Ja 4:6). It's the reason Paul penned Eph 2:8 and it's reason most seperate and isolate it apart from the 1st century reality of a law-bound Israeli culture in such need of faith and grace, yet disobedient to gracefully believe in a 'new religion' that says the Spirit of God now makes His residence inside a 'temple' of flesh was blasphemous in their eyes. Those born of God understand the holy Spirit is the only entity which empowers a man to produce 'good' works, thereby giving God all the glory and not 'flesh' trying to create righteousness 'apart from' that Spirit, but you have to accept the message of the gospel before that can happen and that's exactly what they were disobedient to do. They weren't obedient to the faith (Rom 1:5).

The TRUE Meaning of Deception

(Note to self: Tim, write what the Lord taught you about how deception is more alluring than the Truth; how it looks, feels, and 'tastes' better than the Truth, due to our humanity and upbringing in 'churchanity' in tandem with America the spoiled and haughty land of pleasure. Write how that deceptive "church wrought schools of thought" can actually look better, brighter, and logically even make more 'sense' in some cases (hense the term 'theological') than the raw, many times painful, Truth, which usually goes against the grain of our very being both physically and spirituality, even (senti)mentally, whereas doctrines of Truth call us to suffer temptations without 'giving in', following Christ to the very end, which most "Americanized/culturized" church cloned pulpit pampered christians have been indoctrinated to believe is not necessary (salvinically) to enter in through the narrow road, which is the same road Christ paved for us with His own 'blood, sweat, and tears', Rev 3:21, 1Pe 2:21, 1Pe 4:1, Rom 6:4 [notice 'so we also'; the word 'should' is not in the lit. greek], Rom 8:17 [notice 'that'], etc, etc).

Most believe satan is a master at deception, yet few have ever researched, meditated, or (consciencely) experienced it theologically over time. We believe what we believe bless God and that's final. For most, changing one's theologcal 'position' is harder than getting a mule to eat oats out of a car exhaust than for Pastors, for example, to drop years of schooling, time, friends, money and resourses, all in lau of a 'new and different way' - YOUR way. We readily assert it's a socialogical, political, and even mental issue, but seldom do we recognize it's 'orthodoxically' a theological one as well. The general concensis is that all churches may differ on some doctrines, but the overall doctrine of salvation through simple faith in Christ and the "4 spiritual laws" is the same. Herein lies satan's masterplan. He laughs at us gullible fallen creatures because he knows something - he knows how easily the flesh uses any excuse it can to latch on to sin, ease, and pleasure, how lazy we are to research the Bible and all things related, and spiritually to be doers of it, but above all this he knows what suckers we are when it comes to our peers and how important it is that we 'fit in' or not amongst 'the Jones'. There's over 7 billion 'opinions' on this planet, yet culture moves us to believe the almighty opinion of (fallen) man should be honered, respected, and left well enough alone. The mystery of lawlessness in the public church began in the 3rd century til now fashioning most peoples opinions according to it's finely chishled down and 'time tested' doctrines which overall has programmed most to believe that: "we're all sinners - God understands our 'humanness' and therefore is not upset with us - that salvation is by grace 'alone' through 'faith' alone - that God's power and the gifts given to His church is limited and isn't as accessable in 'our' generation - and that we should be 'balanced' and not rock the boat theologically". And though all of this is true to a degree, the greatest deception to ever dup the masses remains that the public church is where you go to learn the truths of the Holy Bible. And although this is true to a degree, it's also the trojan horse satan uses to piggyback just enough 'leaven' on top of the back of Truth in order to deceive and seperate the universal Body of Christ. Truth which should be taught by the spiritually mature, who've obeyed 2Tim 2:15 (which 'hinders' the 'anointing within', 1Jn 2:20,27), who are doers of the word 1Jn 2:27 and () and who 'get' Act 20:27-31 in tandem with 1Cor 1:10-12; 3:1-4. But since most of us know this isn't the case, due to the extremely large smorgashborg of opinionated 'Labels' which have been 'sow'among us, we 'settle' for whichever one we're emfatuated with, have been reared under, got savved by, or just just 'think' it's the right one to choose amongst the vast sea of choices. the most, whatever the reasons. But, do we ever stop to think WE should be 'doers of word' in 2Tim 2:15 as well, accurately divided apart from any label-wrought biased doctrine, most would have to admit they don't. But satan has sucessfully managed to trick mankind into believing that the 'public church' is all you need for your weekly dose of truth. In order to seperate the universal Body of Christ, which once began as 'one group who all had 'the same mind' (), satan has used 'certain men among us' to erect all the Labels you see today.

Yet ever since the 2rd century satan had already counteracted Christ's decree in () that "Upon THIS rock I will build MY church" satan has taken the opportunity to sow deception in the church by piggy-backing partial truths on top of the those truths that are defined, dot-connected, and entire. It's been said that satan 'twists' the truth or blatantly sow his leaven of lies unhidden into the truth, but satan's far too subtle and clever for that. The moment Christ uttered those words to Peter, the master deceiver said to himself 'I must figure out a way to decieve even the clever and learned". And as the light bulb went off in his head he said to himself "I know, i'll pull the unexpected, i'll tell the absolute truth, just not the entire, dot-connected and defined truth." sow the truth for what it is - the truth - but i'll just leave out certain 'defined' 'sister scriptures' which define the mysteries my arch-enemy Yahweh has purposely hid within the holy bible. it all it glory' of God's word (according to 1Jn 2:27)' or deceptionOf course the public church dispences truth, but it does so at the expence of 'touchier' cousin truths, which only make sense as a whole when taught together. Yet, who in their right (label loving) mind is going to do THAT?! I mean, after a 25 years of hard work, studying, and a divinityAs spoiled, lethargic, backslid, follows of culture, lovers of tradition, and worshippers of money and things, as we are, we would nevver the doors of a church again if we knew what the Bible 'really' teaches. that if pastors started dishing out the meat instead of always milk, they would soon be without a job due to the church's decline in it's budget to pay the bills on time, which, according to God's Word, aren't even supposed to be owed.....but owned. No wonder they've kept us sucking theological bosom for so long.
See, the consences is that each church has the correct answer while the other dumb bunnies only have a portion of it. I know, i'll target the weak, just as i did with Eve, and erect a label using their 'ah-ha' moments to hang the others. THEY have and build a heritage around it. But the truth is that

The 2nd greatest deception is that since Bible 'experts' have already extrapulated the christian truths we need, all we have to do now is simply choose the church 'Label' which best aligns with the way I think, have been 'reared', or makes the most sense according to some of the Bible studies i've been in, help from friends, books, etc. (write a 3rd one as well Tim: that bible research isn't 'that' important since i have a preacher to listen to, who is 'schooled' and ordained, therefore is much more knowledable than i. If you add a 4th one maybe it could be: we're all just 'poor sinners' or that being 'in Christ' by 'simple faith' is all that's needed to 'secure' one in salvation)

Most everything in the world is of a general nature. What i mean by that is that most things are simplistic in the sense that no ones willing to teach anything beyond the basics. Take internet tutorials for example. Most (not many) are for beginners. Rarily do you see any that are advanced. You see it in churches as well, especially Sunday school lessons. No ones willing to step out and tackle anything beyond 'the norn'. Why is this? Well, apart from the fact that most people are too simplistic (14:15, 'simpletons') to one degree or another, it all boils down to fear, laziness, and the love of money. People are actually more lazily upstairs than they are anywhere else. Read 2Th 2:10 and notice it doesn't say 'receive the love of the Lord, gospel, law, etc, but LOVE OF the truth'. Many have these things, but they don't necessarily have the love of the truth, hence they remain 'content' with a generic popular people pleasing truth, one that conforms with the 'theological Jones' and 'the crowd'. To use a contemporary internet idom they aren't 'truthers'. Many love truth, but it's usually the truth which imminates from their pulpit. One could say they're 'label lovers', not lovers of truth, for lovers of truth diligently search, dig, and labor for truth according to 1Jn_2:27 and not according to their pulpit, pastor, 'personal' opinion, peers, culture, favorite author, commentary, or cherished affiliational upbringing, which is what 99% unfortunately follow.

QUESTION: Have you ever studied the Bible APART from all 'influential' Labels?

Ever wondered why when you read the Bible it's like ten times more 'demanding' than the church sermon you just heard?

"Monk(ey) see Monk(ey) do"

Maybe start the page off with Eze 34:2-31 (and Jer 5:20-31; ch6 too) regarding how 'churchanity' has everyone so dupped'

How Would You Like To Have A Book Comprised Of Only Those Verses In The Bible Which You Would Consider 'Heavy Duty'.

How would you like to have a book comprised of only those verses of the Bible you would consider 'Heavy Duty' or rather of MORE importance than some other verses, such as the 'who begot who' verses?

Proof that an established system of thought can brainwash an individual even though it's false.

Wikipedia Definition of Mind control: Mind control (also known as brainwashing, coercive persuasion, thought control, or thought reform) is a theoretical indoctrination process which results in "an impairment of autonomy, an inability to think independently, and a disruption of beliefs and affiliations. In this context, brainwashing refers to the involuntary reeducation of basic beliefs and values".[1] The term has been applied to any tactic, psychological or otherwise, which can be seen as subverting an individual's sense of control over their own thinking, behavior, emotions or decision making.

(Note: Please be patience, as all media uploaded to this site are now the product of but one man (Tim Harris), hence only so much 'word art' can be churned out in a day :) Soon, i will have many more additions for you to download.)

Theories of brainwashing and of mind control were originally developed to explain how totalitarian regimes appeared to succeed systematically in indoctrinating prisoners of war through propaganda and torture techniques. These theories were later expanded and modified by psychologists including Jean-Marie Abgrall and Margaret Singer to explain a wider range of phenomena, especially conversions to new religious movements (NRMs). A third-generation theory proposed by Ben Zablocki focused on the use of mind control to retain members of NRMs and cults. The suggestion that NRMs use mind control techniques has resulted in scientific and legal controversy.[2]

Church affiliations as a 'group comradery' proven to 'ingrain' some subjects in doctrinal change (keep in mind this is only an example of the principle itself, as 'christian' labels and the born-again believer is a different matter). Again, from the Wikipedia: The "most insidious" and effective Chinese technique according to the US Army Report was a convivial display of false friendship, which persuaded some GI's to make anti-American statements, and in a few isolated cases, refuse repatriation and remain in China: "[w]hen an American soldier was captured by the Chinese, he was given a vigorous handshake and a pat on the back. The enemy 'introduced' himself as a friend of the 'workers' of America . . . in many instances the Chinese did not search the American captives, but frequently offered them American cigarettes. This display of friendship caught most Americans totally off-guard and they never recovered from the initial impression made by the Chinese. . . . [A]fter the initial contact with the enemy, some Americans seemed to believe that the enemy was sincere and harmless. They relaxed and permitted themselves to be lulled into a well-disguised trap [of cooperating with] the cunning enemy." [18] Two academic studies of the repatriation of American prisoners of war by Robert Jay Lifton[19] and by Edgar Schein[20][21] concluded that brainwashing (called "thought reform" by Lifton and "coercive persuasion" by Schein) (if it occurred) had at best a transient effect. Both researchers found that the Chinese mainly used coercive persuasion to disrupt the ability of the prisoners to organize and maintain morale and hence to escape. By placing the prisoners under conditions of physical and social deprivation and disruption, and then by offering them more comfortable situations such as better sleeping quarters, better food, warmer clothes or blankets, the Chinese did succeed in getting some of the prisoners to make anti-American statements. Nevertheless, the majority of prisoners did not actually adopt Communist beliefs, instead behaving as though they did in order to avoid the plausible threat of extreme physical abuse. Both researchers also concluded that such coercive persuasion succeeded only on a minority of POWs, and that the end-result of such coercion remained very unstable, as most of the individuals reverted to their previous condition soon after they left the coercive environment. In 1961 they both published books expanding on these findings. Schein published Coercive Persuasion[21] and Lifton published Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism.[22]

Todays methods of mind control, within the Church, have become even more insidious, using appitites of the flesh, entertainment, and a 'filtered' or more palatable 'gospel' message, to help in keeping it's members (and would be visitors) loyal to the label. It's not until you wipe your theological slate clean of all your "title idols" that you'll be able to research the Word of God, along with all of the extra-biblical lit and mining tools, in an unhindered manner. Titles influence your way of thinking whether you realize it or not ('uncognitive prerogative'). Eliminating them safegaurds and brings you closer to the truth, for you need not that ANY man teach you, as you know ALL things, possessing an anointing that abideth within (many other verses prove this as well). As i stated in my book TLTBU: "This doesn't secure me in absolute truth, but it does aid in safeguarding me from interpretational mishap, which steadies my mind to mediate between what I think may be the truth and other unforeseen options which may in fact house the truth." Their first thing most say, who are good at 'resting in Christ' (ie, lazily self deceived in failing to be 'doers of the Word' since we're under grace now and not law), is something like "Hey, don't put ME under bondage brother - i'm not under law". My response is usually "no, but you'll perish just the same if you think you can live 'free in Christ', sinning any time an urge hits you, having fallen for the lie that you're just a 'poor sinner' saved by grace (gimmics) and can't help yourself, that God in His mercy has got you covered, that 'no bodies perfect', following the 'half-truths' of pulpet prancers instead of the whole council of God according to His Word (Act 20:27, 1Jn 2:27, 2Tim 2:15, Ja 1:22). Always remember this saying: "The love of God gets you saved, the fear of God keeps you saved"! (To be Cont..)

We've Been Taught Wrong

Are you sure you're "saved"? Yes you say. Why, because you beleive in the 4 spiritual laws or adhere to common church orthodoxical statements of faith? Do you think you're saved because you adhere to what you've been taught in the church? ,,that Jesus is the Son of God, died for our sins, have said the 'sinners prayer', got baptised, etc? This is what most people go by to assure themselves they're "saved". Ok, now, let me ask you a few more questions - questions which most modern day churches don't 'append' to their list of salvinic assurances that one is saved:'

First and foremost, the Bible is a supernatural book. If you've ever had a God sent heavenly dream, then later try to convey the experience to others using your man devised worldly language, it's extremely difficult and inaccurate to capture the exact meaning of the truths learned from the ordeal. It's the same with Bible. That's why it's imperative for miners for truth to 'get into the Spirit' through prayer, before his studying God's word'.

'If believers in Christ don't 'get' anything else in their faith walk, they simply MUST get that the books in the Bible were written by authors whose language in their day (of getting across certain things in their eastern Koine archaic 'way') included, many times, ideas which were understood to be in tact, whithin a certain portion of scripture. Example: When the word says "those that call on the name of the Lord will be saved" it's understood to mean: so long as the one who calls out on Him is done in all genuineness of heart and soul; lest they be as one of the 4 soils in Christ's sower parables, which depict only one soil amongst the others that was obedient in it's 'seed' growing to maturity/perfection (after it had begun in faith).

(Topic Change): We absolutely must believe when the Bible says we can all be and think as 'one man', then we can. The verses that depict this are usually 'passed over' in disregard as people read their bibles, because 1) they don't understand that although 'we see dimly as through a mirror' it doesn't mean we're to be confussed either by two differing mindsets. For they, as well as the 'Labels' which create them, are merely a barrier which brings about such confusion - and that, even amongst theologicals with high IQ and a high level of discernment between good and evil.

The messages we hear from the local public church is like a pre-processed frozen dinner you find at the local commercial grocery. It's not home-made, old fashioned, made with love, chemical & GMO free ingredients, etc. With many products, the companies use as low a quality of substances as they can without losing the customers taste and label approval. For instance, many products are comprised of mid to low grade ingredients whereby the selection of what goes into them, after a pro culinest finishes 'disguising' it of it's otherwise inferior taste and sub-par quality, ends up being just good enough to pass the customers taste test, which would normally, according to how YOU would prepare it, would fail. Yet since pro culinests are hired by these greedy co's to 'doctor up' their products using just the right combo of spices (just like an OSAS preacher who uses just the right 'combo' of verses to feed you so it will 'taste good'), fake or filler ingrdients and whatnot, so the unwary customer will take the bait (especially after seeing the colorful, fancy image on the front of the oversized container the meager amount of product fills). And just like in the real world, there's some good products in the store too, but most people, as a whole, buy what they 1) can afford adn 2) what tastes good or is needed for whatever reason.

Thinking In 3D or 2D

The mind puts things together in 3D. We chain thoughts together in 3D at great speeds, much faster than when we read text. When you read text from the Bible you're reading and placing things together in a linear fashion. Many times when people read they forget things they've read in the past, and so, the only input they're getting is what they understand from what their eyes are reading at that very moment. Right now, stop reading and picture how the mind works as it to places thoughts, ideas, and concepts together in a 3D fashion. See how light impulses travel from one nueron strand to the next in a 3D web within the mind at great speeds. Now juxtapose that against how you put things together when you read text. Since the text is linear, you place things together in a linear fashion and understanding along with adjacent ideas often come at a slower rate. Depending on how well people retain things from their past, they'll sometimes chain together a thought or two as they read, but it's usually at a much slower rate than when they brainstorms on a particular subject. All of this is largly the reason we Paul penned 1Co 13:12 in the NT. Many people, when they read the Bible, will think only on what they're reading at the moment, whereas others will recall many other things together all depending on how much they read and how great their mental accuity is. We all know the more you do something the more that subject and the things pertaining to it are on your mind - the more they retain there. That's why it's mportant to reaD THE Bible everyday so as to better chain together other scriptures you normally would have forgotten about. Sometimes when writting, i want to say ten different things within one sentence to get a single (complicated) point across to someone that HAS to be fitting closely together, within a short period of time, due to the lack of mental accuity others may have, whereas if i didn't it would be harder for them to 'get'. This is one reason why many get confused about things, argue, forget, etc. It's not necessarily that they are dumb, it's that they haven't put the time in to build the skills necessary in whatever subject's being discussed or pondered on at that moment, whereby the mind can chain together the things needed within a short time space - especially in a world where time is so constrained due to our busy schedules. Sometimes i'll winess people argueing on a chat forum (FB and YT) over complicated subjects trying to convince the other party within a text box that only allow so much text and within a short period of time. Argueing over a subject that takes years of indepth research pertaining to much text and sources of input.

NOTES: (Misc Subjects About The End Times, Church Cloning, & Label-Free Soterology)

I've noticed something about people - believers actually. They'll teach a doctrine just because it's that - a doctine. But the Bible has another doctrine found in Ecc 3:1-11. regarding time. For instance, althought predestinated believers won't ultimently lose (forfeit better) their salvation, you're still not to go around teaching it openly to anyone, anywhere, and at any time you feel like it.'Baby flesh' takes to such a doctrine and runs with it full speed, expecially during times of intense temptation. Contraversely, the lack of a fear of God or more precisely the 'falling away from grace' doctrine shouldn't be taught at the very moment one is having doubts about their salvation (if they have a healthy walk before God, that is).

Before we begin let's listen to this short primer on 'the crowd' or the Scriptures. Next, let's lay down a few ground rules so we can help establish a better foundation for truth:
#1) Scientists have proven our minds forget 90% of what we've heard over a one week period (check this Tim in Dennis Callen's message from T-N to be sure of the exact details).
#2) Our level of maturity in the Lord, intellect, common sense, Bible knowledge, etc, will keep some from 'getting' or missing what's presented in this study.
#3) Pre-concieved beliefs and the church labels they usually spring from is the number one hindrance to people recieving truth. So, just as a precaution, we need to first wipe our theological slates clean of the label pedigogy we've allowed to accumulate throughout the years before we proceed, keeping in mind i'm not here to parrot yet another 'belief system', my opinion, or some personal or church doctrine i want you to all 'pet'.


Ya know, the world has this crazy notion that just because a church has been on every street corner since 300AD that this somehow makes it acceptable, right, and most of all 'normal'. If satan can't stop the church, the next best strategy is to slow her down by confusion and division. This is what 1Cor ch1-3 was all about.

To be "in Christ' is not a 'black and white' issue. It can sometimes fluctuate for those who are "half-hearted" about the things of God - the very things our heavenly 'instruction manual' has repeatedly warned us of not doing time and time again. And these 'things' you won't hear much of in today's modern 'mainstream' culturized church organization. Recent case studies show that fewer true saints are found in churches today and more and more false saints are attending, not to mention in most denominational churches, hardly any 'go down front' to make a to make a 'genuine' conversion to Christ, except for maybe a few families which pre-plan a walking down front as they move their 'letter' to 'join' hands with their new home 'Label'. Some (true) saints are quiting the more mainstream, even 'mega', churches in leer for more private home group meetings. But getting back to Christians who see everything as having to be 'black and white', is so detrimental to those who love to be 'taught' instead of be grounded in what they should have 'sought'. Sometimes, especially when converts are young, Christians will walk in sin to such a degree that they forfiet (not 'lose') their salvation. This doesn't prove they weren't 'pre-destinately saved' to begin with. The truth that the Word falls on rocky, shallow, weed ridin, and deep soil, does not neccessitate the truth that these soils can change over time, if one wants to keep the 'anology' going. I know of many 'hardened' souls who at first rejected the Word, only later to revieve it, due to an intercessor praying for them day and night that their 'fallow ground be broke up'. We're bad about always wanting everything cut-n-dry, black or white, having all our theological ducks lined up in a neat and nice perfect row, but the truth is we see darkly, dimly, as through a translucent window (1Cor). Even though 'eternety security', not OSAS, is true (for the 'good soiled' plant) is it not true for the other three types and THIS is the contention and the very reason why preachers ought to be more careful when teaching OSAS. Because the other three soils could, in many cases, be legitimate canidates for true pre-destinal salvation had they not heard words pointing them towards a 'safe and easy way', whereby he doesn't have to work out his salvation with fear and trembling; a way whereby he can 'have his cake and eat it to'. OSAS taught in an incorrect or non-thorough manner is, to all but those born (grown) in 'good soil', like honey to a fruit fly. The flesh takes a doctrine such as that and runs with it. Taught correctly - which means in a thorough and complete manner - Eternal Security can be a great comfort to those born of good soil who are new in the faith. And that brings us to another area of thought which is that many of us have a hard time of 'knowing' who is indeed one who is born from good ground.

'Eternal security' is only true IF one 'remains' in Christ to the very end of their faith race. After spending literally thousands of hours in research of the Scriptures, going back and forth wearing the doctrinal glasses of 'once saved always saved' then taking them off (in obedience to 1Jn 2:27) i finally and accurately divided up (2Tim 2:15) this 'doctrinal doozie' via much time, prayer, head scratching, and 'balanced zeal' (i.e. keeping my 'ah ha' moments tame), realizing this 'school of thought' was just that - a falsely convincing 'principality and power' (Eph 6:12) which hinders one's interpretational skills (i.e. dampens the still small voice; the 'anointing within'). One of the main reasons is that it does indeed 'make sense' once you give it some 'thought' for thoughts sake alone (Charles Stanley's uses a lot of this 'thought pondering' tactic in his book "Eternal Security" whereby he includes a totally scripture-less page before every chapter with the heading "Think About It"). This is what so deceives people about this doctrine, because it's definitely not the amount of supporting scriptures, as it has none or rather very little. Always remember this important rule in Bible interpretation: if a doctrine in question has roughly 90% of verses supporting it and only 10% that don't, you never try to make the 10% line up with it, only to 'explain away' the 90% which seemingly does (something 'label-bound' scholars are bad about doing).

OSAS cheapens eternal life. Once you've obeyed 2Tim 2:15 in tandum with 1Jn 2:27 (not forgetting Act 20:27-31 and 1Cor 3:1-4) the rest of Scripture will begin to fall in place (salvinically) for you too. You will interprete Scripture easier and your mind will finally be able to breath for a change once you remove the 'OSAS glasses' you've been wearing before studying (this pertains to all false doctrine, not just OSAS). The reason is that OSAS is not something which is readily 'taught' as a doctrine by Jesus or the Apostles, only slightly alluded to in a few places, whereas the opposite of OSAS is taught everywhere (notice i can't even give 'it' a name because it's not a man conjured doctrine like "once saved always saved" is, but more like 'instructional warnings' interspersed throughout all of scripture; some use terms such as 'apostacy', 'falling away', 'loosing one's salvation' [yet no one 'looses' their salvation, they forfeit it]). Everywhere in the Scriptures you constantly see 'warnings', as well as corrections, teachings, and admonishments for believers to be productive (produce 'fruit', Mat 3:9) and to actively fight temptation, which many in the church coin as 'legalism', especially the temptation to lay down your 'own' cross, to become complacent and 'lax', making it easier to renounce Jesus when faced with the reality of being horribly tortured to death.

Think about it.. "once saved". Just those two words alone ought to be 'telling' enough. No where in all of Scriptures will you find salvation is 'once'. No where is it 'taught' as a doctrine that it is a one time 'experience', but on the contrary, as something that is 'worked out' over time - a past, present, and future tense time; a salvation which moves, grows, and matures, just like the sower parables Jesus taught on. The scriptures purposefully teach over and over again that salvation is a process and should be seen as such. Just like a plant, it sprouts out of the soil into the light (is 'born' anew - past),then grows through much adversity producing 'good' fruit (faith walk; tested - present), and hopefully reaches maturity whereby it's harvested (glorification/resurrection - future). (cont later)

-------- Labels, fear, peer pressure, average wit, etc, are all factors which illicit our interpretational mishap.

Read the short snippet i copied from the book Humility by Andrew Murray: "Humility is perfect quietness of heart. It is to expect nothing, to wonder at nothing that is done to me, to feel nothing done against me. It is to be at rest when nobody praises me, and when I am blamed or despised. It is to have a blessed home in the Lord, where I can go in and shut the door, and kneel to my Father in secret, and am at peace as in a deep sea of calmness, when all around and above is trouble."

Rule #1 in biblical interpretation: if there are many more verses pertaining to a doctrine than there are verses opposing it, the doctrine will always be legit 99.9% of the time.
Rule #2: Context - "Context is everything".
Rule #3 (similar to the first rule above): If, for example, you have an "established cultural mindset, such as OSAS" dictating to you that it's true, and so, you study the Bible thoroughly on the matter, finding out the phrases "born again (from above)", "born of Him", and "..of His seed", is found only three times in the NT and you find phrases opposing OSAS nearly 50 times or so in the NT, especially seeing that salvation is the most important 'doctrine' in the entire Bible, then there's a 99.9% surety that OSAS is a false doctrine (or rather false in the way that it's taught).

The problem is, we've turned 'simple faith' into 'easy faith', misconstruing what Jesus said when He said 'my yoke is easy, my burden light', as if He meant our believing in him is all that's needed (the "faith alone" lie). Read my notes in e-sword at Heb 5:8-9 about our OBEYING Christ as He obeyed the Father.

Email To A Friend Who's 'Churchianity' Has Him lethargically Dull

Hey _____, i got your message yesterday. It wouldn't have mattered anyway cause i lost your ph#. Please include it in your return email. Ok now, i know you write quick short emails _____, but this is different, yet don't feel like i'm asking you to write a long one back, correctly punctuated and all which i know is in defiance of all so-called 'net etiquette', but what i really hope would happen is that we write something killer together, for God, whether it be audio or video (3D animation), kinda like when we used to do stuff together a long time ago. Do read this email _____. I know it's kinda long. Heck print it out. It took me literally about 4+ hrs to write. And please don't see it as preachy, but as the most important thing you'll ever read (considering the time element). I've done my homework _____ and then some, but this'll be the last one i write; the reason lies below. Again, please forgive this fanatic for writing yet another long email, but the hour IS getting late (if he only knew Tim whispers to himself) and there's things going down right now which, if you knew about, you would surely give your entire life away without reservation no matter how painful it may be to ones sociological needs/wants, deep-rooted subcognitive scares, and the physical and financial desires of ones life as well. _____, what we've heard about for so long is actually going to take place while we're alive. I can easily prove this. Many 'sense' it, but that's about it.
I guess you've heard about ISIS, that they're now in the US via 'city cells'. Since 'the powers that be' along with lamestream media (as i call them) are hiding everything from us, i also guess you haven't heard they're systematically beheading little kids by the hundreds, when it first began, now it's by the thousands - even putting some of their heads on sticks and placing them in the cities, in order to strike fear, terror, and respect. No hype, no conspiracy theory (a term coined by the naysayers 2 - 3 decades ago who used to see the long haired homeless freak on the sidewalk with a sign over his chest saying "Repent, the end of the world is near"). The 3rd seal of Revelation is being unrolled as i type, and after the Ebola virus has taken it's toll the first 3rd of humanity, as is prophesied in the book, will be dead. Hard to believe i know, but true for those who've done the research, are close to the Father's heart and 'sense' that something big is about to hit the fan - just like i told you 7 or 8 months ago. It's not only all coming true, but it's happening exponentially, and these are but TWO examples i've listed. I could talk about the wheather, earthquakes, 80% of ozone layer completely gone, Isreal being attacked and hated by all nations (prophesied), sinkholes, animals dying off, blood moons, etc, etc, etc.
Let me know if you want to talk about it. I'm presently working on a 3D short movie to help "wake up the sheeple" that the lies of the "cultural modern day feel good church" have put to sleep, but it's hard, especially here in America. Satan, the church, and the Gov have done their job well. Remember what good friends we used to be dude?! Call me, maybe we could have fun creating a killer movie to help wake everybody up before Christ arrives, which is like any day to month now (they don't talk about this in the church much, if any, except in passing, because well.. their numbers could decrease and that would affect not only their 'clout', but the budget as well, and they always keep you in the fog when it comes to the timing of Christ's return and the end of the age). _____, you CAN know the 'time' of his return, just not the 'day or hour' - see 1Thess 5:1-9, especially noticing v4 - "you, brethren, are not in darkness, so that this Day should overtake you as a thief", and there's a few others. I'm a different person than you once knew _____. I have done what few are doing in this hectic hour, and that's to unreservedly give ones self away in every respect; something our 'church culture' says is not really necessary. Especially here in the south - MS being the Bible belt (which is rusted btw) - it's as if there's a mindset which hovers in the air which whispers to the spiritually gullible "With God you can 'have your cake and eat it too'. It's all so smug, so McGoo, so socially peer pressuring in a 'religious' doctrinal sense, and those doctrines.. ..ohhhhho.. those had better "pet" the doctrines. I'm telling you _____, i don't know what's going through your head right now, but we've 1) been taught wrong and 2) haven't been taught whole of it. And i'm not talking about a 'label' i'm sure you understand by now, as i'm totally label free, and will never be a 'label lover' again :)
The very length of this email itself ought to tell you that i love and care for you _____. I mean this took a while :). Would you believe me if i told you God has even given me a few supernatural 'words' concerning you? Well He has, and they were NOT a figment of my imagination. He gave me a word about _____ _____ (old party friend, who later became a 'cultural christian sinner') a few months ago and he did NOT receive it when i gave 'the word' to him (last week). Upon pulling out the "he's judging me" card, he walked off and is to this very hour deceived, walking in sin thinking "i can have my cake and eat it too'". God doesn't want us even taking A BITE! ..especially here at the end of all things - Lk 21:36 says "Watch therefore, and pray always THAT you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man." (notice the emphasis i added and THINK HARD about this - remember, there's many more verses like this one depicting the urgency of the hour, our living holy and spot free before him, keeping our gowns 'ironed' and 'wrinkle free' (Eph 5:27), yet this type of commitment and obedience only comes about by doing it God's way, not the churches - meaning totally and finally letting go of all you are, were, and will be, in exchange for DOING all Christ commands us to be, letting the 'crucifiction' take place, and just DIE to any and everything that is YOU! IF this happens in this fashion you WILL walk in newness of life, be happy and free, you'll be 'counted worthy' and make it in the rapture as Christ's Bride. It's right around the corner. We're almost there. I can prove it to you if you want to meet. And don't be afraid to give yourself away like this (the right way), finally and completely, because you won't make the rapture if you don't. This, again i can easily prove to you. You will like me have had a true 'awakening' whereby you eat, breath, and drink Jesus all day long, walking just as He did (1Jn 2:6 also John 14:11-12). Again, most churches would have you believe this can't be done, is legalism, or is 'taking it too far', but that's just it, what they don't "get", the thing is _____ is that if you DON'T do this way, the Bible way (the same that a large group of us true saints are now realizing, doing, who hold to no labels, who oppose the 'church unity' spirit so popular today, who walk just as Jesus did, by daily infillings of His Spirit, then you'll not only make the rapture, but you won't have to face the horror of the Tribulation just around the corner (the 2nd half that is, because we're already a fourth of the way in it). IF you slip and sin (not "when" you sin, like some churches led you to believe), confess it 'heartily', seek Him a lot, maybe fast some, get back up, then keep on doing what you were before you fell without looking back. Are you getting it?! Don't worry, you will if you make 'the' decision. Don't listen to the enemy, the voice which may be saying to you, what's this weird new thing Tim's into. I'm not into anything _____ except the uncamouflaged Truth the 'culture bound' modern day church has only partially revealed to us. God's judgement is SOON coming to this nation. God's broke off a big ole branch from the tree of life and is going to give America the 'switchin' of her life. Wait and see if i'm wrong. And i'm not saying every single church is bad either. All this is done by God's Spirit as we spend time before Him. This is the way it's supposed to be, again, the churches don't emphasis this, lest it be to hard on the poor 'sheepies' and the churches lose some tithes and offerings. Most churches today are a business. _____, we must come 'full circle'. If we don't, at SOME point in our lives then we are as Matt 13:20-23 says, a plant that didn't grow to full fruition.
God wanted to make it clear to us without a shadow of a doubt that we must walk JUST AS Jesus walked (the context is correct, see 1Jn 2:6). All of the above is the truth _____ and THAT'S what they aren't telling us. This thing is serious. God's not playing around; this is the consummation of all things. Aninias and Saphirra fell dead before Paul just because they held back a little land for themselves. That doesn't happen today, not because God's 'packed his bags and moved to Beverly', but because there are certain truths our societies churches are shying away from via compromise and hypocrisy. Churches don't teach like this, they quote the 'mild' verses then talk a around them, while people fall asleep in the pews :) This "new way", which is merely the 'old way' replaced by a bunch of gradios opinions which construe the Word of God for their own benefit. Paul said it would eventually get like this, just like that game you play where one person speaks a phrase in a person's ear on the furtherist right-hand side, and by the time it reaches the far left of the line, the phrase is something completely different. That's what's happedned to truth and righteousness. It's not legalism, it's obedience in love which is the only legal means of entering God's Kingdom. It's called loving God with ALL your heart, soul, mind, body, and strength, and your neighbor (even the hateful ones) too, as yourself, that can only be done by being full of God's Spirit of Love. You can't do that being a 'nominal' christian. This is the deception. You seem to 'get' that i'm not pointing the bony finger of judgement your way, from the last long email i wrote you about 8 months ago, you're wise to do so my friend cause i KNOW the Father wanted me to deliver this to you. I'm telling you _____. I don't know if you believe me or not or if this 'fire' for making the rapture, shunning hell, and interring into the Kingdom turns you off or not or is just plain boring to read, but one thing you CAN take to the bank: none of us are going to make lift off when it's time to leave this ugly demon infested planet unless we're totally sold out to him; the state a Bride's right before marriage.
This thing's almost over _____ and you know me (i think) enough to know that i'm pretty level headed, am cautious with the "ah ha" moments of life (so as not to become over-zealous [aka, an alarmist/extremist - of which religious people are the worst]), having not been duped by some half-baked controlling affiliational 'label' which brainwashes the masses (having not researched the matter for themselves) in the doctrinal 'way' they should 'adopt', or like the talking heads in media who just parrot what they're given, filtered through the 'sieve' of the US political agenda (NWO). Ya know _____, i can honestly say, i know for a fact (biblical, not church fed) should death knock upon my door, i'd be gloriously welcomed into the Father's Kingdom. But know this: i couldn't say that for about 20 yrs of my life, as i was bound by pornography and a bunch of other junk (you know, typical 'sinner' stuff the church says not to worry about since we're all 'just poor sinners saved by grace', are only human, that nobodies perfect, and that God understands, He's a loving God, just ask forgiveness and forget it, just so long as you've said "the sinners prayer", got baptised, believe in your heart Jesus is God's Son (taught incorrectly in 1Jn 5:1 btw, for "even the demons believe and yet shudder" Ja 3:15, which is but one verse; i can pull out many more to 'balance' the 'just believe' mindset), and whatever you do, they'll say, don't be a 'fanatic' because you'll get into 'legalism' - remember, it's not by 'works' but by grace alone, etc, etc, etc, etc). Well _____, i can finally now say, from one who's thoroughly researched, prayed over (in humility of mind), tucked the 'ah ha' moments away until some good dot connecting session brings it back out, and all with a blessed dose of common, as well as uncommon, sense, in order to show you that it's not my grandiose 'opinion' i'm wanting you to 'get', but an overall realization (almost like those caught in the web of The Matrix - did you see that movie?) which is 'tricking' those who FOLLOW something (did you know i wrote a book _____ entitled The Labels That Blind Us?), an extremely powerful delusion which millions of little "c" christians are adhering to. Something any half witted pastor can make believable through his polished rhetoric (remember, you can make anything in the Bible believable or not due to the very (archaic) and enigmatic nature of the subject - religion!) OSAS - a lie which piggybacks truth - is Satan's most effective tool ever devised for the christian _____ -and don't misunderstand me, as i'm not pointing a bony-finger. We've been taught wrong _____ and i can more than prove it. There's going to be a loooooot of people when they hit hells floor will say "What!! ..i thought i was a 'christian', i don't understand, i n, but hey, i had my Willy Wonka OSAS golden ticket to Heaven i could just flash before the gatekeeper, which had on it "Admit one poor sinner . This is what i've been saying all alongand you may not know it as well, as we've ALL been taught wrong, i would have would have got down, not up am fired up, there's no denying thThere's just so much to say that most don't want to hear so i'll stop now and get back to working with Maya - you ought to checjk it out, it's baaaaaad!
Love ya man..

I've noticed something about people - believers actually. They'll teach a doctrine just because it's that - a doctine. But the Bible has another doctrine found in Ecc 3:1-11. regarding time. For instance, althought predestinated believers won't ultimently lose (forfeit better) their salvation, you're still not to go around teaching it openly to anyone, anywhere, and at any time you feel like it.'Baby flesh' takes to such a doctrine and runs with it full speed, expecially during times of intense temptation. Contraversely, the lack of a fear of God or more precisely the 'falling away from grace' doctrine shouldn't be taught at the very moment one is having doubts about their salvation (if they have a healthy walk before God, that is).

God's mercy many times deceives those given over to OSAS. For the peace, joy, restoration, and release of guilt feels so good within that they cop (from the devil) the idioly that this is 'the way' God works in general. Hense they end up useing His mercy as a sponge for there sin instead of a mop which wipes it away from accumulating. They 'abuse' Christ's blood instead of 'use' his blood.
I don't know why people are so hung up on OSAS. I mean, i do, but it's not like God's going to swat you down the second you commit a sin. He's so merciful, yet He's also just and holy. But if that's all you focus on and are taught, is mercy, mercy, mercy, love, love, love, forgiven, forgiven, forgiven, nobodies perfect, we're 'only' human, 'i'm just a poor sinner saved by grace', etc, etc, etc (picture 100 more 'etc's), without utilizing the 'full council of God, then it's only human nature (which is 'fallen' don't forget) to lean upon these things, unconsciously many times, in a presumptuous way.

Pro 29:18 - Where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint; But happy is he who keeps the law.
Think about it. Regardless of whether "once saved always saved" is true or not, do you realize it's not taught in the Bible, or in any extra-biblical literature, by the NT authors? Now i didn't say it's not alluded to a few times or is not concocted by those who 'see it' in the text (which is the nature of all indoctrination), but as a doctrine, it's not there, they didn't 'teach it' per se, nor is it recorded in any of the historical works found from that era. People have been greased with grace for so long that when they hear verses such as "sell all that you own and give it to the poor" they say to themselves "oh, that's just talking about someone in the bible who was rich so that he could see it's all by God's grace instead of keeping the law", etc, etc, etc, yet it's only "those who practice righteousness who are (considered to be) righteous".

A YouTube Post

I don't think there's a naive bone in DAHBOO's body. Ya know, you would think the 'do what you're told, believe what you're taught, follow the Jones, etc,' lethargy would have diminished by now - at least more than it has in this day and age, but the powers that be have done their job well in deceiving the sheeple and making it look like something that's normal, taken for granted, or is supposed to be. Truly Mat 25:5 as well as 24:12 is coming to pass.
Same thing with christian churches: men (luciferion even) throughout the past (not led 'by the Spirit') have risen up and erected all the Labels we see on every street corner (1Cor 1:10-13; Act 20:27-31, too many to list), piggybacking error on the horse of truth, making us think it's simply a matter of choosing amongst a 'smorgasbord' of opinionated Affiliations along with their formulated 'schools of thought'. They all have an appearance of wisdom (Col 2:23; 1Co 2:4,5; again, too many to list), but thwart the true power of God we need in order to win 'our race' (like a plant that grows amidst much opposition, Mt 13, or one who disciplines his body as an athlete,1Co 9:24-27) and overcome (e.g. the six churches in Rev ch2-3), as well as keep the sheeple just docile enough whereby they don't research for truth themselves.
The book entitled The Labels That Blind Us explains it better. Here's a copy-n-pasted snippet: "The first step you must take is 1) Wipe your theological slate clean of all Label wrought 'pedagogy' - you know, the controlling schools of thought we so love to 'pet' when we study the Bible. Far too many study to show their theology approved unto God instead of themselves. Man is bad about always seeing things as either black or white. They think there can never be any gray area when it comes to religion or politics, never any degrees or percentages, never any 'all of the above' scenarios. The fact is we're all too delicate and fragile; mostly loveless little creatures, always coerced by the pressure we feel from our peers ('the crowd'). So we 'choose sides' in the camp, because for one there's safety in numbers, right, stamp our foreheads with some nametag from Hell which toutes 'this is the way, follow ye in it', join a "public" 501 C3 church, erect our walls (using our prefabricated "label idol" to quieten our conscious which knows all too well 1Jn 2:20,26,27), if we do any biblical research we do it through the "sieve" of our pre-chosen 'way' to prove it correct, not before, and go on our merry way never realizing we're already 'guilty by association'. Naturally there are exceptions to the rule, but most people usually believe according to the church they attend, how they were raised, and/or what comes from the pulpit. Affiliative labels today are seen as commonplace, something normal, 'a given', they've always been here so what's the big deal. Well, to the wise and loving, those who truly fear God, they hold no sway, but to those who give in to the temptation to argue, fight, and waste time debating over things which will never reconcile - as Labels are nothing more than barriers of 'principalities and powers in 'high places'' impenetrable by those who 'see' (Joh 9:41) - they ultimately crash and burn, literally, being taken down by these innocent yet divisive schemes of satan (Ga 5:15; 2Tim 2:14). God desires 'room', not walls. And although these schisms won't keep the true 'remnant' of Christ from reaching her zenith of glorification from happening, due to her sharing in Christ's sufferings, they do create a heartfelt 'drag' and it's a drag which the weak are unwatchful are snagged by. You see the results of it everyday on sites like YouTube and Facebook, as well as other discussion and forum sites. Gal 5:15 and 2Tim 2:14 are a reality everyday. We are supposed to rise together 'as ONE man' when the rapture happens, not like the Bride of Frankenstein."
Anyway, the book is awesome (really different; i know, some don't like 'different', maybe 'change' is a better word). Not trying to sell it or anything because it's free, but everyone who loves to pet their doctrines, those tempted to lash out against everyone's intolerably grotesque grandiose opinion, would do well to read it. Ever noticed how people who only 'see' their own 'trees for the forest' pet doctrines and no one elses usually think everyone else but them is kinda dumb? - That these people REALLY need to 'clone' those who oppose them, almost to the point of force, then ridicule, then insults?! How ironic, becuase if they were truly smart, as they deduce, then they would "get" you can't change another "label lover" and slay the doctrines THEY pet (especially RELIGION of all things for cryin out loud) in the amount of time it takes to watch a Sit-Com. It's taken decades of indept research of some of the most brilliant theologigians of all time and they still disagree. Sorry for the long message. It's a Saturday : /

Man is bad about trying to get away with as little as possible (spiritually speaking). This is one reason OSAS exists. The flesh will run as fast as possible with as much as possible as,what you give it. The flesh takes advantage of "once saved always saved" like an employee takes advantage of his boss being on vacation. It's just human nature, UNLESS you're 1) a 'good person' 2) love God and your neighbor walking in graditude and honor and 3) fearing God so as to walk circumspectly before him. OSAS disregards these things. Until one knows that being spiritually lazy can send him to hell he will, at least to some degree, 'take advantage of' OSAS and walk out his faith walk in a nonchellant manner. (finish this later on Tim)

Think about it. The 1st century church was so inendated with the Holy Spirit - so much so that those who were disobedient actually died in the presence of the leaders (ananius & saphirah) - that Satan was incompacitated for the next few decades until the church finally 'loosen up a little' as it slowly but surely slipped away from it's fevor and purity of orthodoxy, into the grip of Constintines rule. The clear cut change of The Reformation was so powerful and such a breath of fresh air that it actually caused the 'church' to loose balance leaning towards the other side of the spectrum (theological that is). Today, the modern 'church' is so entrenched in a "mid-century change gone south" that it hardly knows what pure Biblical truth is anymore. The first, second, and third century 'church' was cycling along fairly well untill Satan said 'that's enough', i've got to do something about this, as Constantine, in the 4th century, comes alone and kicks it's trianer wheels out from underneath her.
When a realist teaches from the hugh number of verses pertaining to OUR responsiblity in the salvation Christ afforded us (Phil 2:12), the OSAS lovers famous "come back" is that If a believer is a "genuine". I would rather debate with one who's as smart or smarter than me than to do so with one who's just smart enough to be dangerous. If you possess the gift of discernment you would do well to recognize and avoid them, at the start of a possible 'heated' discussion, before you encounter their half-baked truths of wit (Pro 26:4-5).
Why do you think 2 Cor 13:5 is in the NT? give you another excuse to pass over yet another scripture which could possibly change your whole life and 'out'look on things. That's one reason we have the New 'Test'ament, not only to see if we'll pass the 'test', but so that we will change our outlook on things. Not all the way to the far end of the doctrinal slopes of destruction, using The Reformation as an excuse to stay there and die, but to help others and pull Biblical teaching back to the middle of the balance.

Definition of Niave: To insult those who study and research the things they reject as truth,
just because it doesn't line up with the cultured peer pressured masses (write something to this effect).
Definition of Veil:

(List others as well Tim) Use a play on the words 'darkness hides' in regard to the sheeple being blind to what's going on in the world and unseen world.

Fed Up With The
Modern Americanized Cultured Feel Good Churches
Taking Over In Your Town?

What God's Word Doesn't Say

(maybe have a page off from your animations pages which lists tons of verses which say what God's Word doesn't say - by substituting bogus 'modern' church culturized words and phrases, then adding an 'emphesis mine' tag at the end). (Note: Also, look at the notes you wrote in Rom 2:9 in your e-sword program)
Notice the following:
Church Culture: "When we confess our sins God..."
The Truth: "If we confess our sins God..."

Sin closes things. It shrinks all things great. It's a destroyer. It makes fools out of once wise men. Those who work it harm themselves in it, the result being a seered conscious, a eroded faith walk before their Creator, and an increased level of pride. Pride is the very opposite of lowliness in spirit. So if one considers themselves witty, they not only don't know as they OUGHT to know, but they become a 'head shrinker' (this is where we get the term "shrink" in the phycological field). Knowledge without understanding sparks pride within a person. Understanding comes from God above. Because the mind of their heart has shrunk, the mind of their soul has stretched so tight that they allow little room for anything else to inter in. That's why we hear people use the phrase "close minded" many times. It's takes not only a deep humility to maintain a healthy and inpenitrable faith walk, but humility itself must be MAINTAINED. This is something believers become lethargic in because it takes work to maintain humility, as it's a crucifier in so many ways.

Did you know...

(Write a series of facts that aids in helping the church to wake up; such as 'Did you know there are over 8 times the number of verses pertaining to living holy and refraining from sin than these are passages of faith and eternal security, etc.)


(New topic here): Tim, list a section of verses which have other verses interpteting them; how that they're not what tradition, along with peer-controled culture, has led us to believe about them. An example would be 2 Pe 3:8 that reads "with the Lord, one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day", connecting it with the verses which show how that God stands outside of time altogether and that that's the thrust of the saying (find the vv), whereas culture and tradition have led us to believe 1 day = 1,000, literally, this simply isn't the case as common sense teaches us. This phrase doesn't mean 1 day = 1,000 as if God sees and counts time in such a mathmatical fashion. According to God there IS NO time in his realm and dimension and that's the whole point of the verse, yet peer-controlled culture and tradition have led us to believe that with God, time is somehow stretched and/or shinked in his mind and Spirit. V8 is saying the Father can make time do whatever he wants It's not "calculated" in a certain way usward or himward, but simply that with him he can control time anyway he wishes as he stands outside of it, as well as space, which is but time's "cousin". I've even heard people qsay 'one day "equals" a thousand and a thousand "equals" one day'. This is false. The verse is saying 'take your pick', it doesn't make any difference to me one way or the other, one day or a thousand days, they're both the same or not the same to Him. Notice in the phrase the word "as" is used, not "equals".

We've Been Taught Wrong

I'm not here to pet yet another opinionated Label cloned doctrine, because even if you do beleieve in OSAS, the bottom line is if we habitually walk in sin it proves we don't love God. I hear people say all the time "oh he loves God, but he just can't seem to quit looking at pornography, committing fornication, and undressing women that walk by". No, he loves his flesh, yet thinks or wishes he loved God, or else Mat 7:21-23 is false, as well as about a third of the NT scriptures. Church culture has blinded us to so many things. Our problem is we really don't believe there is an actual living entity of hate that visits the weak and lame sheep so to devour. Yet when this happens we write it off as someone just having 'a moment of weakness', that they're 'only human' ya know, nobodies perfect, etc, etc. Well, we're called to be more than mere human. We confuse sin with... (finish this later Tim) _ (conting on) One might ask "Well if what you're saying is true, how come it's common knowledge we should adhere to the Bible and the Bible alone"?. Responding with a question "What exactly is considered 'the Bible'?" Throughout the past 2,000 years do you think our struggles with sin and satan just all diappeared when it came to compiling the Bible? No, we have an enemy to contend with and if through sin, letharthy, backsliding (witch the 'later early church' began to show signs of (200-400ad), lack of devotion and prayer, and TAKING AUTHORITY OVER THE PRINCIPALITIES OF THE AIR (which many "Labels" have 'explained away'), the early compilers of the Bible didn't keep the lier (satan) out of their meetings when putting the Canon together, what makes you think there's not other books, fragments, acticles, or even some scientific works proven to be true about 'certain' things, that may indeed help us in putting together this huge intricate and archaic puzzple?! Those bordering on being closed minded would do well not to be so quick to dismiss some of the extra-biblical 'literature' (i.e. the book of enoch) which could help them, as well as unbelievers who, for example, have already acquired some undeniable truths, which 1) would keep you from looking like an idiot and 2) mays hopefully contribute to their understanding the "the bigger picture" and coming to know the Lord and be saved. (topic change): When it comes to the bible and truth i've noticed a recurring human fality about people and how they react over those who say something opposite of their mindset. Many times it's not even the subject matter at hand that triggers their animosity over such grave stupidity of one to oppose one as smart, knowledgable, and wise as me (they uncognatively think within themselves), but the fact that they're so 'used to' thinking the way they do that it's uncomfortable and 'foreign' to hear something different.

Next Tim, write something about how that gullible "christians", as well as the lost, used to see those once popular, yet deadly, bumper stickers which read "The only difference between a sinner and a saint is that the saints are forgiven".


Are you a good scripture connector? What i mean is, are you good at connecting bible verses together whereby aiding one to better understand a pereticular verse, whereas left alone the verses may be harder to understand. You do know scripture interprets scripture better than man does, don't you, with all his labels, mindsets, inadiqucies,and limited (antiquated) resourses? Here are a few important tips on scripture connecting which will help you in your endeavors: 1) Do not connect if the context is different 2) Make sure... (finish later Tim)

Also, write something along the line of: Believers are bad about seeing/reading a verse, only later to, when it's brought to their attention, dismiss it saying 'oh i already know that'. To acknowledge something in the present as time goes by a type of 'familiarity' builds as one 'takes it for granite' later.


Write somewhere the following: One thing i've noticed about the Bible is that when you put off reading it, it doesn't really seem that big of a deal, UNTIL you open it up and start reading a portion that really hits home with you. Then you realize just how rich and important it truly is.

Many truths abound for the picking. Which ones/s you chose will be in direct proportion to how much 1) you are given to (can recognize) deception 2) you love God and 3) you are gifted with both common sense and wit. The only truth, pure and undefilled, which men, apart from their labels have a hard time believing, is the one truth which will (in this era anyway) demand the utmost in commitnent and fortitude. No wonder men fight over which truth is the 'right one', because there is only one totally right one to submit to and that's a 'label free' biblical one. THIS truth is the one thruth which will bring about much friction and sacrifice for those who submit to it, but it's the only one which brings about pure satisfaction of conscience, joy, and expectation of a glorious inheritance of rewards and entrance into the Kingdom of God. The problem is, most are satisfied with the prospect of just being able to enter in and are content with thay alone. But there is more, yet only to those willing and stout enough to accept it

For it's 'a rest' to work the 'works' (aka good deeds) of God throught the H Spirit by believing on and following Christ. It's not as hard to obey in the NC as it was in the OC. It doesn't mean we're to let down our guard and 'relax and let God' by not 'doing' anything, as many OSASers illude to, but we're to obey and that all the more, for it's a 'better' covenant. For this machine now runs on oil. It never fails though. Everytime i ask someone what they think a person must do to... 'become a Christian???' No no no!!! enter into glory either when the rapture happens or after we're dead in the grave?, and the first thing that usually leaves their lips is the word 'believe' in Jesus. Now naturally that's true....yet only to a degree (cont. later)
It's a rest to bear fruit if it's done "in Christ" for to obey in love is much easier to obey by law.

Did you know...

What if...

(Tim, write something pertaining to the above heading, using a series of subjects such as: What if what you've heard all you life that God forgives you sins at the end of the day during your prayer time, is actually false. What if it's true you could be lost at the end of your race, regardless of what you believe. What if... etc)

Are You A Good 'Dot Connector'? (finish later Tim)

Predestination Has To Do With Incarnation Not Eternal Salvation

This is probably the most misunderstood and deception teaching of all time; that it's impossible for a beleiever to forfeit his salvation no matter what he does, how he lives, or whom he knows. When Bible verses speak of predestination and for-ordination (such as us, before time, being "chosen before the foundation of the earth"), it's referring to our exisitence BEFORE the earth was renovated when Satan was cast out of Heaven down to the earth, us being part of that debachal, and how that we've been given a second chance so to speak. Since 'predesrination' hasn't been attached to these concepts, the only alternative was the OSAS mindset, because it indeed tends to 'fit' right along with the mindset of OSAS and it's 'stretching' the truth of God's 'fore'bearence' with a soul (finish this later Tim). Also, in defense of incarnation, remember that 1) Jesus existed before he went into his body of flesh through Mary and 2) during the Milliniell Kingdom we will have a second body of which we will "move in to".

One of OSASERs biggest 'arguments' is when you say "well, i was saved when i was a teenager, but i left God for 30 yrs in debacherous living, and just last month i got saved and am now free again", then they say "well brother, you didn't 'lose your salvation', you weren't really saved to begin with", to which i then say "so then, let me get this straight, you're preaching to believers, who you don't know 'were really saved', that they're not to worry, that they are saved now and always will be. Live, eat, and be merry." The OSASer retorts, "no no, you have to say that in case they DID get saved". Ahhhhh, there's the debachal now isn't it?! The truth is you don't know whether they were or were not genuinelly saved. That's why 2Pe 1:10 says to test yourselves to see whether or not our election be sure". In other words, you have no right telling one the same thing as you do the other. Common sense tells you that's dangerous - for those who 'thought' they were saved, anyway. OSASers have been taught to be careful because God may "shelve you" if you get out of line so you do have to keep a tight ship (what a weak motive for living for God, so you won't be 'shelved' - where's THAT in the bible; or even so you won't be 'taken home' prematurily). OSASers will place new converts on a road which basically dictates to them, they can 'have their cake and eat it too", but if you walk away from it, God's going to shelve you or take you home. What a lame, puny "fear of God" - one i can assure you isn't strong enough to wake up the dead, as well as the 'half-dead'. If the prospect of burning in hell for all eternaty isn't enough to spark the fear of God in people, then being 'shelved' or 'taken home' doesn't even hold a candle (no pun intended). It's funny 1 Cor says drunkards, gossips, etc, will NOT be taken home to the Kingdom of God, not to mention about a hundred other passages. No, OSAS, for one, is nothing more than a way to keep new converts in the church, which helps to secure the churches budget (THAT's the 'eternal security' they're concerned about i can assure you) and keep the churches BIG, whereby the pastor can brag about it (they do do that you know).
Many times, the more complex a doctrine or subject is, the greater the dimentions of space and time are needed to understand it. Most people study the Bible from a singlular one dimentional perspective, because we, in and of ourselves, tend to see things in a linear single-sided position. For example, can you listen to people and talk to them at the same time? Very very few can. None can idefinately. Some can for short periods of time, especially if the subject is simple common rehtoric. Some concepts are 1 - 2 dimensional, others are 3 and more. OSAS is one such concept. You have to study it from a 3D or more perspective.

The Marriage of Eternal & Finite Security (And The Paradoxes They Birth)

Write about the 'true' meaning of grace and salvation past, present, and future: Most OSASer's dont 'get' that we 'get' grace and that ALL glory goes to the Father for our salvation. In all actuality, we understand it more. OSASer's confuse glory for responsiblility. What they don't 'get' is there's nothing wrong, sinful, proud, or arrogant with saying we also procure salvation due to God's procuring it first for us in mercy and love. If it wasn't for Him, we'ld be goners regardless of what we worked or DIDN'T work. The Father doesn't mind us believing (after our conversion) that saints work with the Spirit in fear and tremebling in order to save themselves from the coming destruction, a destruction so many flipantly shrug off in the name of 'it's all been taken care of', if it's understood in humility, uncognatively knowing God first saved, is saving, and will save us in the end. It's called OBEDIENCE, and obedience is not legalism, it's what people do who love Him, are wise, and thereby "gain their souls (Luk 21:19)".

The Doctrines of Men VS The Definition of Biblical Terms

It's much more important to know and understand the definition of biblical terms than it is to merely know and parrot the doctrines of men. On this page you will find NO so called "proofs" that a certain doctrine is either true or false, rather something much more helpful in obtaining truth: the definition of biblical terms, and how that you 'need not that any man teach you' the principles of God and the salvation he's offered to us.

Is Your Oil Low?

Dear believer, how would you like it if everything you ever watched, read, or heard about God and the Bible, from now on, was totally "Label Free" (i.e. Catholic, Protestant, Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal, Tulip, Full Gospel, Reformed, etc, etc) so that you wouldn't have to worry about whether or not you were being fed something which was spiritually unhealthy, unbalanced, erronious or deceptive?

How many times have you watched or read promises that the material you were consuming was absolutely "biblical", inerrant, and trustworthy. Problem is, everybody and their brother promises THAT! In "their" eyes, whatever they and their proponants teach is always going to be the apitimy of truth. I mean do you really think it's a coincidence that nearly 99% of everything produced by Christian teachers and leaders always has the typical warning that any other view but theirs is dangerous; some going so far as to pronounce "anathima" on those who disagree?

So, take a deep breath, relax, and know that everything on this page is 100% 'label free'. And by that i mean, the works of art on this page haven't been crafted with a (hidden) agenda in mind, in order to sway you over to MY way of thinking - in other words, my truth (a truth which has been forged by someone elses fire).

And although this doesn't secure me in absolute truth, but it does safeguard me from interpretational mishap. This helps my mind to mediate between what I think may be the truth and other unforeseen options which may in fact house the truth.

Few research to find out the truth for themselves, as it is indeed a laborous and tiresome endvour, and one which i understand for those of us who, for instance, have a large family and just don't have the time to study many hours a day, hence the masses are usually just content to choose an overall 'feel' for what they think the truth probably is - so they proceed to choose their 'group' or crowd, and leave the rest to God's mercy. Yet the problem with this is it makes one just knowledgble enough to be dangerous.

The Church labels we witness around us everyday we have the 'wolves' of Acts 20:29-30 to thank - not the sheep of God. We've been taught it's the true-blue genuine child of God who has erected these teraphims of division, who merely had a 'different opinion' about God's Word, thereby forming their own little secret clan, only to eventually create an ungodly 'church split' amongst the larger body of believers. This is just not the case. Paul warned the believers, even with tears, that men (wolves) from within your own ranks would arise to cause division "speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after themselves." Satan has planted so many wolves within the body of Christ that hardly anyone knows what to believe anymore about the Bible.
Man, when reading one verse or portion of scripture, is bad about forgetting other verses which 'balance out' and bring understanding in 'dividing' the Word accurately. (Cont.....)'

For a full - and even manditory - reading on the matter, be sure to read the first two chapters of a book a wrote entitled The Labels That Blind Us to get a better concept of why this is so important, before you place ANYTHING into your theological mouth for dinner ;-)


Label Free 'Ah-Ha' Revelations

(by Timothy Shelton Harris | also known as 'truthdigger'
..a self taught label free Christ lovin Bible freak)

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