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Nativity CD

TITLE:  The Nativity (In Song)
RELEASED: May 5, 2001 WordSong Records 
PRODUCED BY: Tim Harris, Ted Warren


After we wrote a few of our own originals we were led of the Lord to begin placing large portions of Bible text (NIV, due to is flowing prose) to music sung verse by verse, chapter by chapter, all with accompaning instruments in a cinematic type style. This way it would be received by most everyone regardless of prefered musical styles, because cinematic music (embedded within most movies) is something we've all grown up with and are 'used to'. So to us this seemed to be the best way to get God's Word into the hearts and minds of those who need it and want to (effortlessly) memorize it through the entertaining vehicle of music. These eight Bible songs encompass the entire Nativity story of the birth of Christ and how Satan tried to keep it from coming to fruition. Soundfonts were heavily used on these.

win or lose

Our next tune was again an original, yet by this time we had upgraded to a better sequencer called Sonar (by Cakewalk). It was a breath of fresh air compared to our first sequencer. Our goal with this song was to present a panoramic view of humanity from the beginning of time to the present and how false doctrines ('lies') are passed down from generation to generation. Religious 'labels' house many of these 'lies of yesterday' set in stone through the concrete of tradition. Oh, and the distant sounding rumble you hear at the beginning of the song's a dinosaur walking on the earth which helps to give it it's 'BC sound'. We had fun with this song.

tried by fire

This was our first original, aimed specifically at the really 'down and out'. It was recorded, mixed, and mastered on Voyetra's Orchestrator Pro. Now anyone who knows about sequencing software knows this is one of the worst sequencers known to musician, but hey, it's all we could afford at the time so we made do. It would always reposition the timing of notes whenever we opened the project - even after saving the file. You can even hear some of the timing discrepancies within the song. We lost a lot of hair on this one!

Bible songs CD

TITLE:  Bible Songs
RELEASED: April 7, 2003 WordSong Records 
PRODUCED BY: Tim Harris, Ted Warren


We recorded this song after a major studio upgrade in audio software and hardware. The EastWest Quantum Leap Orchestra Gold sample library, for instance, was used on this song.

love chapter

With this song we knew it had to be given a 'lighter feel' than the other Bible songs due to it's nature.

ten commandments

This was by far the largest and hardest project we have ever undertaken. It's 8.30 mins long and was comprised of 89 tracks in our sequencer. It was worth it though!

John The Baptist

One of our livelier tunes - in the beginning anyway :) It was also probably one of our better songs in regard to how well the mastering process turned out.

The Crucifixion And Resurrection
(project suspended)

Although some parts of this Bible song were golden, other parts were considered somewhat 'wooden' due to the structure of the prose. Not to mention it was produced at a time when WordSong was dismantling in order to bring 3D animation and VFX to the table.

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