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  • Scripture Music Links - This site offers lots of scripture music links for those who want more Bible songs.
  • Discernment Ministries - More than ever are 'end time' deceptions creeping into the Church today. This site helps in the battle against erronous 'schools of thought' as well as modern 'traditional' teachings.
  • The Audio Bible - is an online audio bible site. Simply click on a chapter and read the King James text AS you hear it narrated by Alexander Scourby.
  • Tribulation-Now Do you have an open mind or is it bound by 'church culture' and Labels (those content to believe only what they've been "taught" instead of that which they should have "sought"). Well, here's a site that will help peel the scales from your eyes, into things you've always wondered about, but we're too afraid to ask you're 'pious peers'
  • Sonlife Radio - Are you without sin? Neither is Jimmy Swaggart - or any other messager of the Gospel. In these "last of the last days" the "modern" church is focusing on everything under the sun for victory over sin except the one thing that alone can bring about true rightousness. So if you want to know what's really important then visit this website to locate the FM station for your city. You won't be disappointed.
  • The Word In Music - features relaxing Scripture Song CDs and other Scripture Gifts. Our vision is to hide God's Word in the hearts of His children through music.
  • Lighthouse Trails research - Here's another "heresy busters" site which helps one to guard against the oncoming deceptions in todays "modern" church. Prepare for the onslaught!
  • Bible Books & Maps - Bible Maps: Biblical Geography and History books, guides and maps.

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