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Below are songs of our CD single Tried By Fire. We recorded and produced this CD back in the Fall of 1998. The CD 'single' contains two of our original works (apart from the Bible songs) Tried by Fire and Win or Lose. The two mp3s are available for free. Samples are below as well. Enjoy!

Win or Lose
(2.3 MB - low quality sample)

Tried By Fire
(987 KB - low quality sample)

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Win Or Lose
(15.1 MB - high quality mp3)

Tried By Fire

WordSong entered the 2010 Folgers Jingle contest for fun this summer.
Here's the clip:

TV jingle

Here's a Flash bible song we threw together when WordSong first began.
We deemed it inadequate to place on the home page:
(Note: DSL/Cable recommended - 4.6mb)

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Matt 4:23-25

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