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Christian recording artists Tim Harris and Ted Warren have known each other most of their lives, yet began collaborating together in 2001 in order to erect the music ministry we now know as WordSong.

Tim is the lead vocalist, guitarist, and composer for WordSong. He is also producer and chief sound engineer for the duo. Tim has played and toured with the Christian rock band Paradox; worked with keyboard virtuoso and politician Joseph A Glean (along with Dan Keller, Gustavo Eraso, and Robert Sweet) in the making of Midnight Minuetto. He has performed in two music videos which aired globally on NightTracks back in 1988; has worked with Ray Bates (formerly known as Satan before his convertion to Christ) who toured with such bands as Black Oak Arkansas, Iron Butterfly, and Freddie Fender, before his death in 2015. He has also done voiceover work for the Hallalujah Scriptures team, narrating parts of the Old and New Testament. And lastly, he made a guest appearance on the Tribulation Now radio broadcast in Dec of 2016. His past experience in video and audio software, computer programming and multimedia, has helped in enabling WordSong to stay on the cutting edge of digital recording. Today, Tim enjoys creating 3D CGI animation, VFX, and other forms of digital art which can be found on the forthcoming Animations page. He also enjoys teaching guitar and vocals to his students.

Ted, who is rhythm guitarist and vocalist for WordSong has produced programming for numerous TV ministries. He has also worked in association with Grid Iron Records to produce a video on the making of the 1997 NFL/Country Music Album featuring Waylon Jennings, Toby Keith, Neil McCoy and Doug Supernaw. His experience has also won him two Angel Awards from Religion in Media (RIM).

Tim and Ted have united to record a new blend of tranquil, yet aggressive, melodies with lyrics which come directly out of the Holy Bible (NIV). The musical selections of WordSong are designed to enlighten the hearts of all ages. It is Tim and Ted's prayer that their Bible songs will be as enjoyable for you to listen to as it was for them to record.

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